They just don’t build it like that any more!

Today’s modern furniture is mostly made of particle board and not built to last very long at all. But if you want to move away from the “throw away society” consider having older, wooden furniture restored.

Furniture restoration not just for antiques. Many nicely constructed pieces from more recent times are well worth restoring. You will have a piece of furniture that will last for many more years, saving money and the environment.

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Restoration stories

I often come across clients who are for one reason or another unsure about their piece of furniture, even a little bit embarrassed. Whether it is too broken, not significant enough or just no sure of the item’s potential .

Over the years I have had some wonderful surprises, discovering lovely furniture under coats of paint or old varnish .

Such an example was a lady from Mylor who rang me about an old cupboard she had. This piece turned out to be an early Edwardian walnut sideboard of terrific quality, that today would cost $12000 to reproduce .

What a lot of people don’t realise is that in most cases the timber used in old furniture is far superior to what is available today,and with the skills of yesteryear also lost old pieces often offer terrific value.

On the other hand clients will often want to rescue items that have some sentimental value to them, such as a dining suite from the seventies or an old lead-light kitchen dresser from the 20s or 30s,or even a large TV unit that is looking dated. What i often say to people is just look at the cost of reproducing your piece.

With today’s technology its easy enough to just email or text a photo, failing that, just give me a call as I have had plenty of experience and I am sure that I can help.

Ed Berger.

About Me

I am a fifth generation craftsman, based in Adelaide.

I specialise in antique and old furniture restoration, lacquer polishing and french polishing.

With over 30 years experience, I am committed to bringing out the best in every treasured piece, to suit your individual taste.

Ranging from rejuvenation of old finishes, to complete rebuilding and polishing, you can count on a desirable outcome.

I can help you with a wide range of furniture.

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You are welcome to email a photo of the items you want restored.